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I found a way to softlock in the Betwixt shop. I did this by walking on the squares from the side.

Thanks for the report! While I haven't been able to replicate this, I've updated the game to not softlock in case this happens.

Enjoying the demo so far, hope to be able to have the beefiest tank cat-blob thing by endgame. However I seem to have an issue where the game freezes up on entering the first random encounter in the Expanding Void.

That is strange! I'll have to investigate and see what's going on here, as I haven't been able to replicate the problem. Sorry that you've run into this :(

When is the cutoff point for the void dungeon achievements? Can the player still revisit old story areas as long as they don't enter the next story area? Also, how strong would the second story area be compared to the first void area?


How does the companion's AI work? Even when the party is at low HP and all the companion's points are invested in their healing skill, they're not guaranteed to heal the party, which is a problem because they're the only source of non-item healing at the moment. Is there a way to set the threshold for their healing skill?


Right now the companion's AI is admittedly pretty basic: It will choose from any of its available attacks at random, including its normal attack.

This is definitely something I'm looking to improve and rework as development continues! I apologize that the companion AI currently in place is rather simple at the moment.


The demos really cool!!

Maybe its the shiny new side-on battle view dazzling me, but I feel the animation and art are once again better than ever. Cute, charming, and super good lookin. Getting to see the party in battle now is a fun addition.

The new battle system is fun! Bossfights were rad and I had some real close calls even on normal. Still tryin to wrap my head around the combo system a bit. I get the basics, but i dunno, i have like a nagging feeling im not quite getting a full grasp of it just yet. 

For whatever reason I'm like "there has to be a way to keep a combo going between from a shield remover and the Physical attacks that would benifit from removing that shield." I don't know why i think that, honestly I'm mostly talkin about this bit just to let it out of my system so i can stop thinkin about it. But again the battle system is fun.

All around a great time. I am already looking forward to the full game! Best of luck!

Thanks so much for playing! The battle system is quite experimental but I'm glad it sounds like it was a good time overall.

The game explores a lot of territory that we haven't tried before, like sideview battle perspective. So it means a lot to hear that it was positive change!


I'm looking forward to the finished game!  I've loved your RPGs and this one reminds me a bit more of Brave Hero Yuusha than your Soma titles or Crescent Prism.  The changeup in battle layout is a surprise as is the Sigil system.  The whole setup with collecting treasures reminds me a bit of Wario Land 4 or I guess La Mulana or Pharaoh Rebirth.  I don't usually see treasure hunting in rpgs outside of medals for tradeable-items, or just simply collecting equipment.

I've cleared the first boss and took a whack at the dimensional dungeon pit, which is I died for the first time.  For the record I'm playing Normal Mode.  The third fight did me in but I should've backtracked once I saw how much harder the mobs were.  Overall combat in the game is fairly straight forward once you get the system down.

The game feels a little bit busy with all the stuff going on but I'm having a blast.  Good luck with development!


Thanks so much! Wario Land 4 was definitely something I had in mind as a tertiary inspiration. One of the big influences was The Great Cave Offensive from Kirby Superstar!

Thank you for playing. I hope you'll enjoy the rest of it when it's done :)

Kirby Superstar Cave?  Yeah I can see that.  I'll finish playing the demo later and then binge Phobos.  Thanks again, you're welcome, and good luck!