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"Soma, a land torn to the brink of death with strife and distrust, filled with denizens who refuse to accept one another. Two great beings wage war for generations to decide the fate of the world: to save or to destroy it. With their powers exhausted from battle, they come to a pact: divide the world into two, each with a guardian spirit to watch over them...'

Soma Spirits is a 3-5 hour RPG with branching story paths. Rather than being fast-tracked and locked into paths from the start, you are given choices throughout the story on how you wish to proceed, and the choices made will have a significant impact on the story's outcome. However, you may find that the choices made in Soma Spirits are not so black and white. Every major choice made will have some impact on the story, and there are rarely any "correct" solutions.

The world of Soma Spirits is divided into two similar, but distinct versions of one another. At certain locations, you will be able to switch between the two worlds and find different inhabitants, monsters, and clues on how to proceed forward.

Soma Spirits features five distinct endings, and the choices you make will ultimately decide how the story will come to its conclusion. What will YOU do?

The game features:

- Classic turn-based RPG combat.
- Shifting combat roles. Depending on where Heart and Soul are, their ability pools change and they will have access to different sets of spells.
- Powerful "Spirit" abilities. As you continue to fight, you can accrue SP to unleash powerful moves that can turn the tide of battle.
- 100% Hand-crafted custom pixel art visuals.
- Some stellar menus and UI thanks to the powerful Luna Engine
- Dynamic Music: As players transition between the two versions of the world, so will the music!
- Flexible story paths: You may find various opportunities to change the story's outcome.
-A fully original OST by SpecialAgentApe

GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
TagsFantasy, JRPG, Meaningful Choices, Pixel Art
Average sessionAbout an hour


SomaSpirits v1.03.zip 184 MB


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I already beat the Puppeteer and he gave me story page, but I can't open them. Is there any way to open it?

Congrats on beating him! The Story page doesn't do anything: it's just proof that you beat him.

Oh I thought that if I collect some of them, I'll get bonus room or something. So I beat him twice lol, silly me. Thank u!

Really enjoyed this game really nice ending and well made characters hopefully more games like this in the future.


Hey! Nice to see Soma Spirits on here as well! I hope it does well for you here. :