Version 1.1.0 : 5th Anniversary Update!

Hello, all!

August 12th is the 5th Anniversary of the original release of Soma Spirits, and with it comes a special new patch to help you replay the game with new features and adjustments! Version 1.1.0 is live and includes the following changes:


- Many skill and item descriptions have been updated to be more detailed and consistent.

- You may now change the game's difficulty in the Options menu at any time.

- You are now able to change Options at the start of the game, rather than having to wait for the intro scene to play out.

- The Options menu now has a "Confirm Changes" option. (Pressing X to back out will still save your changes as it did before).

-- You can receive a money-doubling Tycoon Ring from Melodus in Form's Temple if the difficulty is set to Easy and you did not receive one from choosing Easy at the start of the game.

- Upon starting New Game+, you will receive a new Key Item called Sleepy Incense. Using this item will disable all overworld encounters. This effect can be toggled on and off. Has no effect on the overworld encounters in the bonus dungeon.

-- If you have an existing New Game+ file, you may receive this item by talking to Melodus in Form's Temple.

- The intensity of many full-screen flashing effects, such as switching worlds or having HP/MP restored, has been softened to help reduce eye-strain and to be more epileptic-friendly.


- When using buffs or healing abilities, enemies should now pick a random target as intended, instead of always targeting the last enemy in a troop.

- Various text and grammar fixes.

Thank you for a great five years, everyone! I hope you'll enjoy Soma Spirits for many more to come.


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Aug 12, 2021

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These are great features, especially for new players! I love Soma Spirits so much! <3