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And finally done! After about 4 hours and 23 minutes, not counting resets and stuff. And that was with me being inefficient! I wonder if this could be done in under 4 hours. I did have one unnecessary defeat of Lord Doldrum, after all.

For all that it's sorta short in a playtime sense, there's a lotta text inside! And puns and stuff too! Good game! That final ending was deeper than expected!

Game description typo:

Solider > Soldier

Nice game. Funny endings. Enemies are tough.

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Can agree that this game is funny! Came from TVTropes!

Okay, issues:

Turning all sound off doesn't control the menu beeps, Fight Woosh and Attack Sounds?

Ending List says Flame Sword while the purchase says Flame Blade?


Cool! Didn't realize there was a TVTropes pages up. Thank you! :)

I'll get the Flame Sword/Blade consistency fixed with a couple of other things. The sound effects thing is certainly strange. Could be an engine or plugin issue, but i'll look into it.

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Possibly a bug, I KO'd my Hero Man to keep him at LV 3 and grinded the Marionettes to LV 8.

Strange Minion's presence right before the fight implies I should get the Low Level Defeat ending, but that didn't happen?


Yeah, the dialogue is a bug. The low level ending accounts for everyone's level but I think that NPC is just checking Hero Man's level. I'm gonna do a small update sometime soon, so I'll include that. Thanks so much!


can confirm this game is funny