Demo Update 1.1.0: New intro sequence. Plus other changes!

The Crescent Eve Demo 1.1.0 update is now live, and includes a new intro sequence that gets you into the action more quickly, a new track by Agent Ape, and also features a few notable changes and additions. If you haven't tried the demo yet, this is the one to play! 

The patch notes for 1.1.0 are as follows: 

New Features: 
- A new playable sequence has been added to the game's opening. 
- Changed font for damage pop-ups to be more readable. 
- Made it more clear as to what the "Invoke" command does. 
- Skill costs now denote what resource they use. 
- Skills with cooldowns are now indicated in their skill description. 
- Weapons and armor now have their stat increases listed in their descriptions. 
- The demo's bonus boss now has a visible timer to indicate the next phase change. 
- Maru's attacks now have a different animation than Lunita's. 
- The duck now explains what AP does because ducks know these things, apparently. 
- The font in some places have been changed to be more readable. 

Gameplay changes: 
- Soak no longer lowers the enemy's thunder resistance. This mechanic will be re-introduced later in the game, where it will be more useful. 
- Lunita's spell damage formulas have been adjusted, and should do slightly more damage overall. 
- Changed Invoke's damage formula to not scale as heavily with Lunita's level. 

Bug Fixes: 
- Fixed the Focus stat not applying the evade/critical bonus. 
- Minor text changes and fixes. 

I hope everyone enjoys what Crescent Eve has to offer. Don't forget to leave feedback!


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Dec 17, 2017

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